Toll Cards


nagels is renown for its parking and smart mass-transit ticketing, what is less known is that the business manufactures machine issue tickets and RFID enabled vehicle tags for the motorways industry providing toll ticketing in a wide range of formats.

Because the business manufactures its tickets and vehicle tags at its secure production facility in Kempen, Germany it offers technical and developmental support for the evolving toll ticketing sector.  Interest in RFID smart tags are increasing in popularity within the business and the companies ability to offer unique software solutions and innovative construction will no doubt drive further interest in these products.

While traditional magnetic stripe tickets currently form the majority of the products supplied, it is expected that in the coming years that smart technology ticket & tags will surpass this.

nagels hold ISO 9001 Quality Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certification.  The smart tags and tickets are manufactured in nagels controlled access RFID area with fiscal products also stored in this location.

As with all the products in the nagels portfolio care is taken to ensure the highest quality tickets and tags are provided, optimising system functionality and performance while providing the end user a seamless and smooth transaction

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