What is limited use media (LUM)?


Limited use media or disposable media (LUMs) are generally utilised by customers who require access to public transit but do not use a plastic card.

These LUM tickets are designed for a one time use and they are disposable. nagels offers LUM tickets for areas like: Train, bus, tram, ferry, metro and airline.

Parking Management: season, pay on foot, display. Leisure: sports, events, theme parks, museums, festivals, attractions, galleries.

Identification & Access Control: security, tracking.

In addition to their prime function as a travel or access ticket we can incorporate electronic purses for purchasing adjacent products or services
such as food, refreshments, parking, magazines, newspapers and merchandise. We can also combine High Frequency close proximity read chips
with long distance reading UHF technology for movement monitoring to provide a complete data picture for our clients.

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